Learning Among the Objects


This show presents the first “harvest” of works that our young artists made during the Summer Studio classes here at the Armenian Museum this past July. Under the guidance of our Artist-in-Residence Arevik Tserunyan, students were encouraged to express their creativity by exploring the collection of Armenian art in the galleries and by using unique Armenian painting materials and techniques. 

As students became acquainted with Armenian culture and art history, a special art laboratory emerged where they experimented with various media. These budding artists expanded their creative abilities to create collages on paper, pencil sketches, and sophisticated compositions with paint on canvas. The Armenian tradition of illustrated fairy tales was explored as inspiration for mixed-media collages. By practicing observational skills, students indulged their fantasies with discipline—key skills employed by visual artists. The works on display demonstrate their individual vision of Armenia and represent a new generation of artists inspired by the important objects held here at the Museum.