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Treasures & Traditions of Armenia & Georgia


We are offering an exciting opportunity to travel with members from the Armenian Museum and The Met to Armenia and Georgia through a partnership with the Museum Travel Alliance this spring!

By experiencing this region through the eyes of Met curator Helen Evans, members will gain new insight into the ancient and enduring culture of Armenia.

Join. Connect. Explore.


“This is a wonderful way for us to continue our mission to share Armenian culture and heritage with our members. We hope you will join us on this awe-inspiring journey.“

-Michele Kolligian, President

Highlights of this members-only 12-day trip to Armenia include:

  • Special access to sites and institutions that contributed to The Met’s Armenia! exhibition, curated by Helen Evans

  • Tracing the influence of Byzantine art and culture through these early Christian nations

  • Exploring the spectacular ancient monasteries, many in dramatic mountain settings

  • Experiencing Armenia’s unique musical traditions at a private demonstration of polyphonic singing

  • Enjoying an exclusive wine tasting in a hilltop village in Georgia, where wine production dates back 8,000 years

  • Traveling outside the walls of the Museum to make lasting member-to-member friendships

  • Enjoy Armenian cuisine from different regions throughout your travels