Full Circle: The Art of Barry M. Martasian

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, in February of 1948, Barry Martasian credits his parents for nurturing his creative side, not only with constant support, but with handing him his first camera and job in image-making. After spending four years in the Navy, Martasian attended Rhode Island College to study studio art with a concentration in photography. Throughout his career, he has been inspired and influenced by expressionist, abstract and graffiti art, and he believes that his work, like his children, must stand and live for themselves. In the 1980s, Martasian became interested in graffiti for the first time and now sees it as the modern form of cave paintings, which he believes are the result of the innate human desire to leave a visual mark on the world.

Martasian states that the paintings in this exhibition started from the idea of a broken circle and that "the circle is a symbol which occurs over and over again in [his] art...symbolizing the eternal reality and power of life and love."

Opening on November 29. On view through January 17, 2016.