An Armenian Village, Khodorchur

An Armenian Village of 1915 is remembered 100 years later in a pictorial essay based on the historic book: Khodorchur: Lost Paradise, Memories of a Land and its People. The exhibition panels bring to life the customs and traditions of a few thousand Armenian Catholics living in the lovely valley of Khodorchur, now Sirakonaklar, Turkey. This geographically isolated area in the mountainous range north of Erzurum and near the Black Sea, was referred to as Little Rome in the late 8th century. Through increasing pressures to convert to Islam and lose their identity, these resilient people managed to keep their Christianity and Armenian language intact until they were deported and nearly completely annihilated by the Turkish state during World War I. Accompanying lecture: An Armenian Village, Khodorchur, by Gina Hablanian will be held on Monday May 31st, 2015 at 2:00 PM.