Légion Arménienne: The Armenian Legion and Its Heroism in the Middle East

About the Exhibit

“Légion Arménienne: The Armenian Legion and Its Heroism in the Middle East” is a traveling exhibit developed and prepared by ALMA in honor of the Legionnaires and their devotion to their nation and to the cause of liberty during World War I. The exhibit explores the formation, training, military action, and postwar activities of this all-volunteer force through photographs and narratives.

gamavorThe story of the Armenian Legion reflects the community’s attempts to come to grips with the destruction and devastation following the Armenian Genocide. It also represents the successful efforts of Armenians from different social, economic and political backgrounds to work together for a common cause. The Legion encompassed a group of remarkable individuals – some officers, others of no special rank or distinction – who volunteered throughout the Diaspora, overcoming tremendous difficulties in order to serve their people and nation courageously, often at great personal sacrifice. Their lives are well worth remembering.

Nationwide Tour

The exhibit’s latest appearance was at Camp Haiastan in Franklin (MA) during summer 2011.

“Légion Arménienne” was previously on display in Whitinsville, Massachusetts; Fresno, California; Pasadena, California; Dearborn, Michigan; and Racine, Wisconsin.

Exhibition Tour and Dates

Northbridge Town Hall, Whitinsville, MA

Henry Madden Library, Fresno State University, CA

Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena, CA

Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, University of Michigan-Dearborn, MI

Racine Public Library, Racine, WI

Summer 2010
Armenian General Benevolent Union, Chicago, IL

Summer 2011
Camp Haiastan, Franklin, MA

Traveling Exhibition Information and Links

The Armenian Legion: Brochure Package

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