Coin and Currency Collection

The Armenian Museum’s coin collection, mostly donated by Dr. Paul Bedoukian, is one of the finest in the world. It includes almost 5,000 coins reflecting the classical, medieval and modern periods, as well as Dr. Bedoukian’s extensive research library. This collection has been augmented by a major contribution of the Walter & Laurel Karabian Collection, and by other collectors and specialists.

The numismatic collection is organized into several genres:

  • Ancient coins of the Orontid and Artaxid dynasties, and related coins of Greek, Roman and Persian origin.
  • Medieval coins from the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, related coins from the Crusader kingdoms, and Byzantine and Arab coins of the period.
  • Contemporary currency including coinage and paper currency from the late Russian and Ottoman Empires, the First Republic, the Soviet Republic, and the Third Republic.
  • Armenian commemorative coins and medals struck in Armenia and the Diaspora.