Current Exhibits

“Interlace” Exhibition

Interlace Exhibition Opening

Exhibition Location: Adele & Haig Der Manuelian Galleries - 3rd Floor

Interlace – Talin Megherian plait |plāt, plat| noun a single length of hair or other flexible material made up of three or more interlaced strands; a braid. archaic term for pleat. verb [ with obj. ] form (hair or other material) into a plait or plaits. make (something) by forming material into a plait or […]

Women’s Work: Armenian Textiles and Dolls

Women Textiles

Although Armenians are famed for their beautiful religious art: church architecture, illuminated manuscripts and intricate khatchkars (stone crosses), the most common form of artistic expression was through their textiles, a far more ephemeral medium. From time immemorial, Armenian women have created and ornamented clothing and created works that delighted the eye of the wearer and […]

“East Meets West” Joint Photography Exhibition


The Armenian Museum of America (ALMA) will be the setting for a joint photography exhibit throughout the months of October and November. Featured will be the combined works of Tom Vartabedian and Sona (Dulgarian) Gevorkian titled “East Meets West.” A reception to celebrate the opening of the exhibition will take place Sunday, October 23, from […]

Objects That Transcend: Metalwork from the Garabedian Collection

OTT_Garabedian title

Metal objects in Syria and throughout the Middle East had important and widespread use; cooking was done in metal vessels, the hands of guests were washed in metal ewers, the literate used metal inkwells, wealthy women used metal toiletries such as metal-back mirrors and cosmetic containers. These metal works were noted for their function, inventiveness […]

Who Are the Armenians


Exhibition Location: 1st Floor

All nations have a story to tell. The epic story of the Armenian people is a saga of perseverance, cultural triumphs and survival as a people throughout long periods of oppression, destruction and genocide. Armenians have always had a tenacious spirit that carried them through disasters while reaching cultural heights as exemplified by: Armenia’s pre-Christian […]

The Armenian Genocide


Exhibition Location: 2nd Floor

The exhibit is a stunning visual narrative of the events of the 1915-1923 Genocide, and the continuing aftermath and denial by the Turkish government over generations. The exhibit’s texts and overall design were created by an Armenian Museum committee: Haig Der Manuelian (Chairman), Dr. Barbara Merguerian, Gina Hablanian, Gary Lind-Sinanian, and Arakel Almasian, assisted by […]

Highlights from the Collection


Exhibition Location: Bedoukian Galleries

“We are small in numbers, but large in heritage.” Armenians are an ancient people, with a rich complex history and culture spanning 3,000 years. In 1971, community leaders founded the Armenian Museum of America in Watertown. Today Watertown is the “Little Armenia” for generations of Armenian-Americans. This gallery’s exhibition displays only a small sampling from […]

Karsh: Celebrating Humanity


Exhibition Location: Bedoukian Galleries

Permanent collection of portraits by the renowned Armenian-Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh, a gift from his wife, Estrellita Karsh. The most renowned portrait photographer of the 20th century, Yousuf Karsh was chosen by the International Who’s Who as one of the 100 people who have most influenced our era. Fleeing the horrors of the Armenian massacres […]